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Multi-page site
Landing page
Multi-page site
Landing page
Landing page
Online store
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Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
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I will create a website for any Portability

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Landing page

Multi-page site

Online store

Application design

What is included in the standard cost of website development

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Development of the site structure
  • Creating a prototype (schematic sketch of the site that visualizes the location of blocks, texts, buttons)
  • Development of home page design in Figma based on references
  • Adaptation for any mobile devices
  • Video instructions for further work with the site
  • Consultation on the operation of the platform after the site is delivered within a month

39 000 ₽

One-page website from 10 days

45 000 ₽
49 000 ₽
25 000 ₽

Corporate website from 15 days

With a product catalog from 15 days

For mobile devices


how the site should work


effective advertising

increase in sales


how will we work

{ stages }

Introduction and brief

Conclusion of an agreement

Prototype and design

Layout and transfer of access

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

stage 4

I'm clarifying your problem. We communicate via video-audio communication and correspondence, and, if necessary, hold a personal meeting. We discuss: volume, structure, design, etc. We formulate technical specifications for the project. I am sending you a commercial offer.

After we have determined and agreed on the scope of work, timing and cost of the project, we sign the contract, you make a 50% prepayment and work on the project begins.

I analyze the target audience and develop a selling website structure. I make a prototype of the main page, approve it with you, and based on it I create a layout for the first page of the site in Figme.

Coordinated layout, made on the Tilda platform, and adapted for all mobile devices. We approve the finished project, the remaining 50% is paid, and I transfer you access to the site.

You'll get

Market and competitor analysis

Work in stages

Work under contract

Support after project handover

Quick Feedback

Clear design

Dmitriy Solovev

Web Designer

{ about me }

I'm getting into your business

I'm developing a structure

I create a clear design

I study the target audience, determine the main advantages and look for ways to stand out among competitors.

I arrange the information on the website in such a way as to answer all the client’s questions and lead him to a purchase.

I develop a relevant and understandable design so that your site brings in applications.

Hello, my name is Dmitry,
I develop websites on Tilda


Experience in sales gives me an understanding of how to create a website structure that will lead a client to a purchase


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